Bill Parcells once said, ‘you are what your record says you are.’ That’s true, but there’s still plenty of football left for records to change. The giants are currently 8-3 and the winners of six straight games. The last three games were played against teams with a combined record of 5 wins 25 losses. The record looks good, but momentarily deceiving. We are now approaching December, the beginning of the stretch run, when we now separate the real, or true contenders from the wannabees, or pretenders. The giants play the Steelers this week and certainly a big game for both teams. The Steelers are a team that’s getting healthy, and the pieces are starting to fall into place. The defense has been a work in progress most of the season, but the rookies have improved as the season progressed and are now playing with confidence. The Steeler defense has improved and has become a cohesive unit especially with the development of CB Artie Burns and safety Sean Davis. The defensive line has improved with the development of Javon Hargrave and rising star Stephon Tuitt and the dynamic pass rushing run stopper Cameron Hayward. The linebackers have gotten attention with three first round picks, and are led by Ryan Shazier, Lawrence Timmons, Jarvis Jones and outside backer Bud Dupree. On offence, the Steelers are led by Big Ben who’s still in his prime and having another good year. Look for the Steelers to keep it balanced against the giants with a strong running game led by Le’Veon Bell and with the possible return of DeAngelo Williams. Antonio Brown is a great receiver and with the addition of Ladarius Green who seems to be healthy, the men of Steel can put up big numbers during a game. Its hopeful Hayward -Bey will be able to suite up for the giants. After a soft landing which lasted a few weeks, the giants will be facing teams who are either playoff bound, or at least in the hunt for a playoff spot. The ship is now well into the ocean with not a port in sight, the icebergs have been detached or broken off from glaciers or ice sheets, and are now heading in the direction of the Ship Of Frauds. From the size of these icebergs, and they do look huge, it appears the Ship Of Frauds just might flounder.


Party Hearty

The Giants and their fans are an ocean liner in the middle of the ocean. Like a certain ocean liner, the crew “coaches”, the players, and the fans, pay no heed to the icebergs up ahead.Those of a certain ocean liner were so cocksure of the ship they traveled on, nothing could happen, the ship was unsinkable, they partied well into the night until early morning without a care, until the unthinkable happened. With the sea at its very calmest, a huge iceberg was in front of them, Those aboard continued to party as the ship was torn apart.Two hours later, the ship floundered. Point, keep partying and trusting in the Giants. Ignore all the red flags. Your ship is heading into, not one, but numerous icebergs, which will ultimately cause your ship to flounder. Where you see the Giants going, it’s not for me to say, but I will tell you this, it is not, no it is not the promised land. Crewman, lookout, guards, their job was to stand in the crows nest and keep a vigil look out for … Iceberg right ahead. Giant fans only see pie in the sky. Giant fans can be walking in the middle of the Sahara desert and believe they see a beautiful waterfall. It does not surprise me, neither the giants nor their fans cannot see beyond the Bow of the ship. Just a subtle reminder to giant fans, please take note. The giants have outscored their opponents 204 —- 200, seven wins combined by a total of 27 points, which is the lowest margin of victory in a teams first 7 wins in NFL history. Giant fans, ‘party hearty,’ there are icebergs ahead.